Imperium3, Amazon, XL Hybrids, U.S. Army.

130m dollars for Li-ion production: Imperium3 has found an old IBM facility and wants to invest 130m dollars to set up battery production there. The plant is located in Endicott, New York and the Li-ion packs made after the C4V design invented at Binghamton University targets the market for electric vehicles as well as solar and buses.,

Amazon drones for deliveries are already a reality, even FedEx is testing first concepts and also Domino’s can drop a pizza at the doorstep. Amazon latest patent filing is more adventurous than that though, or abstract, as it outlines an over the air recharge for EVs. This means drones are to land on stranded electric cars to give them an “in-flight refuel” via on-roof connectors according to the online giant. Are we alone in thinking that the reverse would make more sense, if anything?

Electric Ford for fleets: XL Hybrids will begin production of the XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System designed to electrify the latest Ford Super Duty F-250 pickups in Q1 2018. This will be the first time that Ford F-250 trucks can be ordered by fleet customers with hybrid technology.

U.S. Army is hot on hydrogen and has turned to the DoE to establish a cooperation between its Fuel Cell Technologies Office and TARDEC, the military’s Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center in Trump’s America. Together they shall advance fuel cell tech. The Army is already testing fuel cell vehicles in the form of a Chevy Colorado (we reported).,



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