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CleverShuttle, UK, Bratislava, London, Volvo.

Mirai fleet for CleverShuttle reaches Munich: After introducing 10 of Toyota’s Mirai cars in Hamburg in September, ride sharing service provider CleverShuttle brings also 15 of the Japanese fuel cell vehicles on the roads of the Bavarian capital. Additionally, Munich sees the installation of a new hydrogen filling station in its Trudering neighbourhood. It is the 41st of such a station in Germany. CleverShuttle will benefit from the station, but also BeeZero, a FCV sharing service owned by Linde.
the-linde-group.com, electrive.net (in German)

UK parliament discusses charging point obligation: In the traditional “Queen’s Speech” in June, it has been mentioned that as part of a new law for electrified and autonomous vehicles, service station providers in Great Britain could be obliged to install EV charging points. Exactly this topic is now at the first reading stage in the House of Commons. If the parliamentarians sign the law, operators of motorway service stations and large petrol retailers would be required to erect EV charging infrastructure at their sites.
airqualitynews.com, fleetnews.co.uk, www.gov.uk

18 electric buses for Bratislava: Public transport provider DPB plans to replace diesel-powered buses of its fleet in the Slovakian capital through one and a half dozen electric-powered buses. The replacement shall be completed by June 2018. Backed by EU funding, the transport provider wants to purchase 16 12-metre buses, two 9-metre buses as well as charging infrastructure.

The black cab’s final testing: London sees the first electric-powered black cabs on its roads. With six vehicles, British Geely subsidiary LEVC (former London Taxi Company) has kicked off the final testing stage, before all newly licensed taxis have to be capable of zero emission by January 2018. Here is, what CEO Chris Gubbey says in our interview about his company’s ambition.
electriccarsreport.com, theelectrictaxi.co.uk

Volvo to supply 50 hybrid buses: The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) has chosen Volvo Buses as a supplier for 50 hybrid buses, powered by diesel engines as well as electric battery packs. The Volvo 7900 Hybrids shall hit the roads of Singapore gradually by the second half of 2018. Through the new order, Volvo Buses’ balance climbs towards more than 3,000 hybrids provided worldwide.


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