EVs to park for half price in all of Norway


Many municipalities in Norway exempt electric cars from parking fees entirely, yet a national regulation is due to be introduced. Rather than allowing free parking, the rule calls for EVs to park for half the fee everywhere in Norway.

Electric car heaven Norway is looking to unify EV privileges such as free parking. A national regulation is currently being discussed that would require all municipalities to halve the parking fees for electric cars on communal parking lots designated with a white “P” on blue background. The consultation period ends on January, 21, 2018.

The Norwegian electric car association Elbilforegning welcomed the new regulation saying that while free parking is most favourable, a 50 percent national norm “makes sense,” especially in a time when some municipalities were thinking to go from free parking for EVs straight back to full price again – a move the organisation advises against.

businessportal-norwegen.com (in German), elbil.no (in Norwegian)


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