Organised Tesla theft somewhat

The Tesla store in Salt Lake City got robbed. Over the course of the chase for the stolen electric cars, the police questioned no less than four thieves with half of them claiming to be part of the Tesla family.

Four different parties were found to cruise around in stolen Teslas and all of them had a different explanation on how they had come to “own” the vehicle. While one guy simply ran out of battery when he tried to escape the cops, another couple claimed to have relatives going by the name of Tesla who happened to give them the brand new models. And no, they did not refer to Nikola.

Curiosities did not end there though. Another one caught in a stolen EV claimed he just passed by and found the store “open” and so deducted he might as well take advantage of the “freebies” with the fobs lying around.

The police continues to investigate but has allayed fears of a new Mafia family running the town in the name of Tesla.


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