Spain updates EV policies


Spain earmarks 35 million euros for electric mobility through the 2017 Movalt Plan that has finally been approved in Madrid. 20 millions are reserved to subsidise PHEV with new rules to apply for the first time.

The Spanish government has just approved the Plan Movea, officially called the 2017 Movalt Plan. It defines the European country’s policies and most importantly earmarks a total of 35m euros for the advance of e-mobility. That are five million euros more than last year with 20m going directly into grants for purchasing plug-in vehicles and those using other alternative fuels such as hydrogen and LPG.

This time though, hybrids without a plug have been exempt and will not receive any aid any longer. All other vehicles, and that includes both electric two-wheelers as well as heavy duty vehicles, are eligible for payments ranging from 500 euros (electric bicycles) to 18,000 euros when buying an electric van or truck. Electric car subsidies are expected to be around 5,000 euros and can also be applied to cars no older than nine months.

The plan is to go into effect in the next few days and the remaining 15m euros will flow into charging infrastructure. (Spanish), (French)


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