Dec 5, 2017 - 10:36 am

E.On supplies energy to Uniti car owners

Swedish EV start-up Uniti and energy provider E.On closed an interesting deal: Swedish clients, who buy one of Uniti’s EVs, are getting five years of solar power to charge their vehicles at home. The bill will be paid by Uniti.

At December, 7th, the company is going to present the product line of its first compact EV in Landskrona/Sweden. The event will be transmitted online via Livestream. Uniti says it received meanwhile almost 1,000 pre-orders. First deliveries are scheduled for 2019.


Since November, 1st, the company installs production facilities in Landskrona – a process that shall be completed by March 2018. Uniti raised more than 1.2m euros for its first EV model through crowd funding. Moreover, the company managed to get heavyweight Siemens as a partner. Their deal makes is possible to serial produce the 400kg vehicle called L7e through a fully automatic process.


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