Dec 5, 2017 - 12:18 pm

Hybrid super car unveiled by U.S.-based Aria group

The Californian company group Aria has impressed the audience of the LA Auto Show by unveiling its 1,150 hp super sports car called Aria FXE. Each client can get an individual version of the car – well, for an appropriate price of course.

The model couples a V8 engine with two electric motors and a 10 kWh battery – a package that provides enough power to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds. Topspeed: 355 km/h. The super car’s production kick-off is scheduled for end-2019 with pricing likely to start above 1m dollars.


  • aria-fxe-hybrid-car-01
  • aria-fxe-hybrid-car-03
  • aria-fxe-hybrid-car-04
  • aria-fxe-hybrid-car-05


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