Tritium founder Paul Sernia on fast-charging with 500 kW


Tritium is from Australia but its Veefil EV charging solutions are expanding their territory fast. At the studio powered by P3 at the EVS30 in Stuttgart, Paul Sernia reveals that they are thinking 500kW already.

And for 500 kW charging to become a reality, Tritium is just waiting for electric vehicles to catch up on that high charging power, says founder and commercial director Paul Sernia. Speaking about readiness – with regards to its home market, he believes Australian consumers to be ready while the government and industry could move (and charge) a little faster. Watch the full video interview with Paul Sernia here.

One instance though left us both a little speechless due to a misunderstanding. While the question was asked from the UK perspective, Tritium’s project with Oxford University is in fact being carried out in China and was still (semi-) secret at the time of the interview.


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