Dec 15, 2017 - 05:15 pm

Tesla is making 5000 Model 3 a week now

The lines in Fremont are taking up speed it seems as suppliers for the Model 3 report that Tesla has ordered enough parts to make 5,000 EVs per week as initially planned.

After Tesla had to go through home made “manufacturing hell” in the words of Elon Musk to get the Model 3 production up to speed, the lines are now rolling smoothly at the facility in North California. Taiwanese suppliers such as Hota Industrial, which makes gears and axles, told Taiwanese media that the EV maker increased the demand for parts back to 5,000 units per week this month.

Tesla had previously cut its orders for Model 3 parts by 40 percent (5,000 per week to 3,000). The increased production has led to overtime for the workers in Taiwan, and in order to comply they are even shipping parts via emergency air transport.

Only a week ago, Tesla has begun deliveries to non-employees in California and the States after stocks of Model 3 had been built up (we reported). Overall, Tesla has to fulfil more than half a million orders worldwide and counting. (original source, Chinese) via


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