Dec 16, 2017 - 11:17 am

BASF and TODA reinforce battery production in Japan and USA


BASF and TODA strengthen their cooperation as they announce to create the world’s largest calcination facility for high nickel Cathode Active Materials in Japan. They will also combine their manufacturing activities in the States.

BASF TODA Battery Materials LLC (BTBM), a joint venture between BASF and TODA, has now tripled its high nickel Cathode Active Materials (CAMs) capacity at its Onoda site in Japan.

Jeffrey Lou, Senior Vice President of Battery Materials at BASF said that with the expansion “BASF (is) further strengthening our market position in high energy cathode active materials for e-mobility applications.”

A similar move is planned in the States were both companies announced they will combine their production facilities in Elyria, Ohio, and Battle Creek, Michigan to form BASF Toda America LLC (BTA). Again it is the growing market for e-mobility driving the alliance.


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