China is testing photovoltaic pavement to charge EVs (Video)


The Chinese city of Jinan started testing a 2 km-long stretch that is equipped with 5,874 square meters of solar panels. In future, electric vehicles driving on it, shall be able to charge inductively.

The special pavement combines three layers: an isolating bottom, solar panels in the middle and transparent concrete on the top. The solar-powered highway has been built by the Qilu Transportation Develpment Group. Its total capacity accumulates to 800 kW while annual generation of electricity could reach up to 10m kWh.

In a first step, the generated electricity is to power highway lights, signboards, surveillance cameras, tunnels or toll gate facilities. However, in the long run, the photovoltaic expressway shall enable wireless charging of vehicles and other services such as internet connection or melting snow on the pavement.,,


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