Jan 9, 2018 - 05:23 pm

ZF presents cloud platform for mobility services


German car supplier ZF is showing a cloud platform based on Mircosoft’s software solution Azure at CES. To set up examples of application, the company teams up with start-ups and mobility service providers.

Regardless of service provider, the platform integrates various functions such as fleet management, ride-sharing or delivery services into one platform. In Las Vegas, ZF shows how its new platform manages a fleet of electric bikes and related charging stations as a very first example of application. In order to do so, ZF has connected its telematics platform Openmatics with the cloud. ZF states: “Operators can track the location and status of their vehicles in real time and conduct assessments based on various factors. In addition, the cloud solution offers intelligent analysis tools such as predictive maintenance, which uses data to monitor wear and tear on individual vehicle components. The system can set up service appointments in good time, thus minimizing any downtime costs.”

Moreover, ZF integrated the eSync system of California-based networking specialist Excelfore into the platform. It keeps the fleet software up to date using Over-the-Air updates. But that’s not all: The CES will also see a ridesharing app, jointly developed by ZF and Berlin-based start-up door2door. The app promises to optimise the coordination of autonomous vehicle fleets in urban areas – for passenger as well as good transport.

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