Jan 16, 2018 - 04:04 pm

Lexus premiers LF-1 Limitless at NAIAS in Detroit


Lexus reveals the LF-1 Limitless at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The concept can host all forms of electric drives, from fuel cell to PHEV as well as EV or a simple hybrid. The design study previews Lexus’ future models.

Toyota’s luxury branch designed the new concept as luxury crossover. For the premium segment, it is rather small as the LF-1 measures 5 by 2 metres and sits four people but comfortably so.

Lexus did not provide much technical detail as the LF-1 foremost serves as a design study. However, there will be a rather high level of autonomy in the so-called chauffeur mode.

  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-03
  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-08
  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-01
  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-04
  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-07
  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-06
  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-09
  • lexus-lf-1-limitless-naias-2018-05

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