Audi embarks on smart grid pilot project with EVs


The Audi Smart Energy Network will go live for the first time in a pilot as part of a joint research project. Households in the Ingolstadt area and the Zurich region will test various sizes of photovoltaic systems coupled with stationary batteries and EVs.

The pilot project also interacts with the power grid. A built-in communication interface interconnects all systems to form a virtual power plant, and ultimately a smart grid.

The control software by the Zurich-based start-up Ampard distributes the solar power based on the current or projected demand from car, household and heating system. The connected home storage devices can thus balance fluctuations between power generation and consumption, and stabilise the grid frequency by temporarily storing smaller amounts of energy in stationary units at short notice.

The pilot is initiated by Sustainable Product Concepts at Audi.


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