FOMM Concept EV about to go serial and it swims


Inspired by Japan’s 2011 tsunami, the Fomm Concept One is a water-cruising EV that is on its way towards serial production. Dubbed as the world’s “smallest class 4 seater EV” it shall enable first (or last) mile travel.

The Fomm Concept One is powered by two in-wheel electric motors with a top speed of 80 kph and Fomm says it can drive up to 160 km on a single charge.

Or, swim because the clue of this compact EV is in its water propulsion that enables the Concept One to float. The amphibious technology is the result of research done together with the University of Tokyo, where the scientists also developed the wheel and steering wheel.

Behind the project is former Toyota engineer and racer Hideo Tsurumaki, who witnessed the 3/11 devastation in Japan first hand as the Tsunami swept away cars that then sank. Tsurumaki’s reaction is this watertight little EV made to withstand floods and even strong currents.

The Fomm Concept One is now in its fourth iteration and scheduled for production in late 2018 with sales to start shortly after. Sealing and swimming capabilities are pricey features for such a small car and so Fomm says that they want to focus on managing cost in the long run. For now, Fomm aims at a price of 1 million yen (about 9,800 euros) without the battery (we reported).

Production will be helped along by Trinex Assets Co. a Thailand-based real estate company, Tamanda Denki Co. and Funai Electronics Co. as investors.,


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