Jan 21, 2018 - 02:23 pm

Plug-ins take 2.7% market share in 2017 in China

More than 777,000 plug-in vehicles were sold in China last year, making it the world’s biggest market for new energy vehicles. PEVs now hold a marketshare of 2.7 percent with all-electric cars being the clear winners.

The latest analysis of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) saw plug-in sales in China rise to a 2.7 market share up from 1.8 in 2016.

Of 777,000 electric and plug-in hybrid cars sold, most were all-electric. Sales of 652,000 BEVs translate to an increase of 60 percent compared to 2016. PHEV sales grew by 28 percent, that is 125,000 hybrids.
Overall, all-electric cars are the clear winners as BEVs account for 84% of all plug-in vehicle registrations last year.

The total numbers place China firmly on top of the list of global PEV sales. To compare, the USA registered total sales of 194,000 BEVs and PHEVs in 2017.
In Europe, Norway leads the way as usual and of all car sales, 39.3% came with an electric motor. The situation in Germany though looks rather disappointing as less than 55,000 cars sold had an electric motor – out of total car sales of 3 millions but still it is an increase by 117 percent.

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