Prof Maarten Steinbuch angles in on the automotive rEVolution (video)


With Professor Maarten Steinbuch from the TU Eindhoven, science took a seat in the studio at the EVS30. His ideas for EV mass adoption range far and wide as he observes the automotive revolution from every angle, not all strictly academic.

As control engineer and professor at the TU Eindhoven, all things that move like soccer playing robots and of course electric mobility fascinate Professor Steinbuch. He has longstanding love affairs with Stella and Simone – the Teslas he shares with his wife – and worked with racing teams from the TU Eindhoven to build solar cars that frequently excel in desert races. He however points to a more practical use of such solar technology beyond endurance races.

When at home he thinks about charging infrastructure and what makes it so successful in the Netherlands. And the professor also had some thoughts to offer on the Model 3 and other mid-range and affordable EVs. So what’s the future of e-mobility?


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