Dutch grid operator Alliander about to sell Allego


Parent company Alliander has announced to sell its charging infrastructure affiliate Allego. Talks with interested parties are already taking place. Alliander says that Allego would develop better with a new partner.

The company is serious about that, stating: “E-transport increases tremendously and with a new partner, Allego will be in an even better position to meet the next phase of rapid international growth.” Moreover, the Allego’s activities would be less well suited to the parent company’s risk profile. In future, Alliander wants to strengthen electric mobility by connecting “hundreds of thousands of new charging points to the Dutch electricity grid in time.” As reported, the Dutch government seeks to make all newly registered cars emission-free by 2030. “This requires an appropriate infrastructure consisting of hundreds of thousands of new charging points. Similar developments are taking place in other countries in which Allego is active”, states Alliander CEO Ingrid Thijssen – and adds: “Alliander invests in innovative solutions to ensure a reliable, affordable and accessible future energy system, but will move away from activities which no longer suit us.”

Established in 2013, Allego is a specialist for charging infrastructure with a broad range of clients such as local authorities, private companies and transport firms. A few days ago, the company announced to set up a pan-European high-power charging (HPC) network together with partner Fortum Charge & Drive. The interoperable charging network called MEGA-E includes the installation of 322 ultra-fast charging stations and 27 so-called e-charging hubs throughout Europe. It is supposed to connect metropolitan areas alongside highways and to enable continuous fast-charging in more than 20 countries.


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