MEGA-E: Allego to erect 322 HPC stations


Allego and Fortum Charge & Drive join forces to set up a pan-European high-power charging (HPC) network called MEGA-E and thus to erect 322 ultra-fast charging stations and 27 so-called e-charging hubs throughout Europe.

The interoperable charging network shall connect metropolitan areas alongside highways and to enable continuous fast-charging in more than 20 countries. The project’s kick-off is planned right after completing final financial rounds, in any case still within the first half of 2018. Debuting countries will be Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Great Britain.

++ This article has been updated. Please see changes at the bottom. ++

According to information of, each of the 322 charging stations will provide four HPC charging points. Allego states that all sites shall work with 1.4MW, given that the grid allows it. Consequently, four EVs could simultaneously charge with up to 350 kW. In total, the network shall thus consist of almost 1,300 HPC charging points and 27 e-charging hubs. The latter couples ultra-fast HPC chargers with significantly slower stations for users who having nothing against staying longer.

The MEGA-E project (industry experts remember also Fast-E and Ultra-E) will be co-financed by the European Union. It is based on the innovation cluster in the TEN-T/CEF programme developed by the EU in 2009.

Allego is open to welcome further investors. Details about locations and local partnerships will follow later on. But Allego revealed that they are currently in talks with three hardware manufacturers.

Update: This article has been updated. The previous version included Fortum as Allego’s partner but the Finnish company has since opted out as it wants to concentrate on markets closer to home. Allego continues to be involved in Mega-E and just found a new and supportive owner in French Meridian (we reported).


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