Boeing invests in aerospace battery startup Cuberg

Boeing has invested in Berkeley-based Cuberg, a startup which counts former students from Stanford University among its founders. The researchers are working on a lithium metal battery for potential aerospace applications.

Boeing’s HorizonX is the aerospace company’s arm for investing in promising startups and technology such as Cuberg’s. Based in California and trained at Stanford, the Cuberg team designed a battery cell that combines a lithium metal anode, proprietary electrolyte and high-voltage cathode to achieve high energy density and thermal durability.

Such safety combined with high energy density is what hybrid or even electric planes such as Airbus is working on need if they are to fly one day. In the case of Boeing, it recently acquired Aurora for its electric flying cab technology on top.

This second round of funding for Cuberg has been described as a “second seed” in which Boeing HorizonX has chipped in an undisclosed amount. The money is to help Cuberg prepare for fully automated manufacturing. Testing is underway and demonstrated in the video.,


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