Visionary Vehicles plans three-wheeled EV


New York-based Visionary Vehicles represents yet another addition to the growing fleet of U.S.-American EV developers. The name behind the brand is Malcolm Bricklin, who once spearheaded Subaru’s entrance into the American market, as well as having been active in electric bike manufacturing.

According to “Forbes”, Bricklin is confident to launch its company for less than 300m dollars by convincing dealers, distributors and suppliers to invest as well as offering company shares to clients. The 78-year old entrepreneur says he is entering the electric mobility market at a time, when battery prices drop, heralding a new day for electric cars that can be sold for less than 30,000 USD.

The first model in Visionary Vehicles line will be the Bricklin 3EV; a three-wheeled, wing-doored electric car with a range of 320 km and a planned price of 25,000 USD. The first prototypes are scheduled to be released in June, and production is planned to be relocated to Detroit and could begin as early as 2019.,


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15.05.2018 um 02:40
I loved my SV-1 #1753 born June 5 1975.I never got to meet Malcolm,but I did get to meet his mom at lake Tahoe,very nice lady she even knew the week and month my SV-1 was born! Sorry but I can not spell her name Gertrude.
06.02.2020 um 18:12
I think that is really cool looking. I hope they do get it produced. It would be neat to see it on the road. I wonder if it could have a hydrogen fuel cell to power it and not just batteries? I think fuel cells are the future and it would eliminate range anxiety and give faster refueling / recharging times. I think it would be cool if it had the rotary engine from Liquid Piston, which can run on different fuels like hydrogen (where the exhaust is water).

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