Feb 6, 2018 - 11:01 pm

California Startup ‘Robomart’ to deliver groceries


If you’ve ever hoped to have your shopping done by a robot, now is the time to live in California. Although grocery deliveries are becoming an ever hotter topic, this concept electric self-driving car takes it to a new level.

Robomart plans to bring the entire supermarket to its consumers. The self-driving cars will feature a cooling system and several racks of groceries, which can be taken by consumers.

The concept entails that users order the vehicle, and when it arrives, they can go and select and take the groceries they want. A patented ‘grab and go’ system will then track what customers have taken, and bill them accordingly. Not only does this remove most human interaction from the equation, but also the need for cash or return options, as consumers can see and touch the product before taking it.

The robots will be available on a two year lease for supermarkets, meaning that Robomart will not actually carry any groceries, however this means a wider variety of shops can take advantage of the system. The vehicle will be using nvidia‘s level 5 autonomy drive platform to navigate through traffic and across cities.

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