Teslas Model 3 registrations exceed 11,000


Teslas production elements are working hard to keep up with a market. The newest figures for the Model 3 Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), which is used to keep track of individual vehicles in the USA, has crossed the 11,000 milestone.

The addition of dual motor Model 3’s, which have a second electric motor to power the vehicle, have also increased and certainly served to boost the sales numbers of the Model 3. The model, which can be identified by a special VIN designation, involving a different powertrain and 2 to represent the dual motors, and added another approximately 3,000 VINs in the past 2 weeks, of which about two dozen matched the new model.

While monitoring vehicle registration is not an ideal format for measuring the growth and production scale behind it, the numbers do offer a window into what is happening with near future developments. While the new vehicles have been announced to be available in Spring 2018.,


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