Tesla Model 3 deliveries delayed in Europe


Although promises were made that the Model 3 would be available by late 2018, the latest information indicates that the EVs won’t arrive on the markets in Europe until 2019.

Customers who had previously placed an order for a Tesla Model 3 in Germany can now view the website to see when their car will most likely be delivered. And so far, the stats indicate delays and it is not clear if they will be caught up and covered by then.

Even U.S. American buyers have been affected by the delays, and have had their delivery dates moved from the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018, to later this spring/summer.

It had taken Tesla time to bring the Model 3 production up to a planned speed of 5,000 vehicles a week. A recent report rumoured that production problems continued due to manual bottlenecks at the Gigafactory. Tesla was quick to deny such claims (we reported).


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