Feb 12, 2018 - 01:14 pm

Tata Motors presents electric sports car Tamo Racemo


Tata Motors took the occasion of its home show in India to put the all-electric version of its Tama Racemo sports car on display at the Auto Expo. The two-seat coupé has a top speed of 200 kph and a range of 350 km.

The electric variant of the Tamo Racemo± builds on the standard variant of the sports car that Indian Tata Motors had brought to Geneva last year. The MOFlex platform utilised, supports electrification and the colourfully modified body hosts a 150 kW electric motor.

The electric Tama Racemo reaches a maximum speed of 200 kph and comes with a said range of 350 km. The battery can be both slow and fast charged.



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Found on electrive.com
12.02.2018 13:23