Dyson to bring 3 electric cars as it invests 1bn pounds


Hoover’s British equivalent Dyson has reinforced its plan to enter the EV market. With a Bang it appears as Dyson is planning no less than three all-electric car models with the first to arrive by 2020 or 2021 in a limited number. Model 2 and 3 however aim for sales and solid-state batteries.

Dyson wants to make it in the e-mobility market and the company has earmarked one billion pounds (1.1bn euros) to invest into getting its electric car production up to speed, according to a report by the Financial Times.

The first model will still utilise LI-ion batteries and with a production run of a couple of thousand units serves to build up and test the supply chain. The following models due after 2020 however, shall mark Dyson’s entry as a volume EV manufacturer and the new cars will be powered by solid-state batteries.

Company founder Sir James Dyson had issued said plans before, saying the models would become “radically different.” Already back then, Dyson had reserved 2bn pounds – half to build the car itself, the other half to contribute solid-state batteries. 400 employees are involved in the EV project allegedly, among them a former Aston Martin manager (we reported).

Regarding the new details the FT resurfaced though, the Dyson CEO had nothing to add other than saying that they would not talk about what they are doing.

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about „Dyson to bring 3 electric cars as it invests 1bn pounds“
Ian Gorse
15.03.2018 um 19:21
I cant wait to see the new Dyson EV's, the next two or three years are going to be Stella in electric car models coming to market.

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