Belkommunmash delivers 40 trolley buses to Russia


Belarusian manufacturer Belkommunmash has delivered 40 new electric trolleybuses to the city of Togliatti in Russia. It is the largest delivery to Russia in the last three years. Belkommunmash buses are also operating in Minsk.

The trolley buses, designated as model number 321, are single compartment vehicles, and house their electronics in the roof. In the Belarusian capital Minsk more than 400 of the vehicles are being used to ferry the public. Belkommunmash also counts trams, next to the electric buses, in its selection.

Last June, the Serbian capital Belgrade also tested an electric bus by Belkommunmash, as well as a few Chinese models, and indicated they plan to purchase 60 vehicles. The Belarusian company hopes to outdo the competition with comparatively low prices.

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