Singulato Motors planning 6 EV models for Chinese market


Singulato, has announced that they plan to bring 6 fully electric vehicles to the market. Singulato was first announced in 2016 as the english language subsidiary of the Chinese vehicle manufacturer Zhiche Autos, and their first car model will be the SUV Singulato iS6.

According to gasgoo, the vehicle was designed in both a five seated version, as well as one with seven seats, and will be released on the market by end of this year. The range of the vehicles has been set at 400km according to the manufacturers.

Another model with an exchangeable battery is also planned. Furthermore, the iS6 will be released in both a two- as well as four-wheel drive version. Compared to the Nio ES8, which also offers a battery change option, the Singulato iS6 will be a bit smaller as well as cheaper. The price, after subsidies, will be between 200,000 and 300,000 Yuan (25,200 to 37,900 euros).

The second model being presented, is a purely electrical vehicle aimed at a younger market. About a year ago, when Singulato changed its name, it introduced two concept EVs, both with folding doors. In July, it became known that Singulato Motors was considering cooperating with several other Chinese car manufacturers, including WM Motor, CHJ Automotive, Hongxing Automobile Manufacturing and Aiways to bundle their resources in light of the incoming EV regulations to better serve the anticipated demand for EVs.


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