Cit-Kar: four-wheeled pedelec with a roof from Berlin


Berlin-based startup Cit-Kar is working on a pedal-assist bike of the same name. It runs on four wheels and that is not the only reminiscence of the car, as the e-bike features weather shelter and heavy load capabilities. Plus, it is more than a concept.

The small company with its two founders is taking their Berlin base seriously as they plan to produce at a site in the belt (Brandenburg) that surrounds the German capital. By mid-2018 they want the first Cit-Kars to roll to clients and say it got selected to take part in a pilot from a “large delivery service.”

Pre-orders stand at 750 units according to the company. For now though, the Cit-Kar is in its third iteration and this latest prototype is about to enter the internal testing phase. It is constructed as a pedelec and boasts a range of 200 kilometres with a load capacity of 300 kilos.

Cit-Kar has been supported by AGIT in Aachen, an institute that serves as incubator. AGIT connected the founders with the technology institute TIME in the German town of Wissen. This closeness to Aachen could indicate that the unnamed delivery firm may be DP/DHL, that builds the StreetScooter in the city and has a comprehensive electrification strategy which includes pedal-assist bikes. However, nothing has been confirmed to date., (video, in German), (in German)


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