Feb 26, 2018 - 11:04 am

Electric speedboat for kids and grown-ups too


The open water is the next frontier for electric mobility, or shallow waters in this case of a speedboat designed for children. Conceived as a present initially, the boatbuilder has now put his whole weight behind it and hopes for the crowd to back him. An adult version is in the making too.

Meet the JimBoat, a very cool-looking motorboat for children. It drives electrically with up to 5.5 knots and is a scaled-down version of a real speedboat. Boat builder Denis Jimenez built it for his nephew.

Now however, he is back on grown-up fun and wants to launch a full-sized electric speedboat for 2 adults. Meanwhile, the tiny boat campaign is still looking for backers as well.

newatlas.com, indiegogo.com (crowdfunding campaign)


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Found on electrive.com
26.02.2018 11:08