Feb 28, 2018 - 09:24 pm

NewMotion installs first V2G chargers in Holland


In Amsterdam, NewMotion has set up public V2G charging stations. The pilot is run together with energy company Alliander, tech company Enervalis and the innovation platform Amsterdam Smart City as part of the City-Zen programme.

The City Zen scheme aims to create smarter cities throughout Europe. In Amsterdam, the vehicle-to-grid charging stations by NewMotion can now be found at various locations. Most of them are publicly accessible.

There also charge points at offices, for example of PwC and at a large sports facility, where electric cars can be either charged or provide electricity directly to the internal network of these organisations. NewMotion calls this set up Vehicle to Office.

The primary goal of the pilot in Amsterdam is to test V2G technology with first results expected this month. Marisca Zweistra of utility Alliander said that they “are testing the impact of V2G on the low-voltage network. In addition, we want to see whether V2G has potential as a back-up in the event of electricity failures and if more of the self-generated solar energy at offices can be used for the electricity supply of these locations. If this is the case, there will be less load on the grid and as a result, fewer expensive power cables will have to be installed.”

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