Fastned and ABB install 350 kW fast charging stations


Fastned has installed their first fast charging stations capable of 350 kW charging performance at the Dutch service station “De Watering” on the A8 near Amsterdam.

The new fast charging stations are the result of a cooperation with the technology company ABB, which developed the charging stations. A distinctive design was important to Fastned, so the chargers are fitted with a glass-solar panel roof, and lots of wood, as well as a heightened vertical clearance.

Bart Lubbers, co-founder of n Fastned, claims that “It’s very important to increase the charging speed, because it makes driving EVs attractive to more people. Because the question that almost every consumer asks is “How long does it take to charge?”.

Fastned has decreed that their goal is to expand a European network of fast charging stations. Last November, they had 63 stations in operation, and additional stations are currently under construction. Recently, the company invested in the development of grid connections and faster charging technology, the result of which can now be seen at the gas station on the A8.


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