CHAdeMO working on 400 kW charging


Asia’s charging standard CHAdeMO is working to up its game as the next protocol is to enable high power charging at 400 kW. For now, the latest protocol 1.2 enables 200 kW but it looks as if they are ready to go head to head with CCS.

CHAdeMO is reacting to ever higher charging powers demanded and worked on by the industry, particularly in Europe. Here, CCS is currently pushing for 350 kW and the latest data from CharIN counted 7,000 charge points across the world. More than 4,000 of them are in Europe.

CHAdeMO however is still ahead in terms of number and said the number of DC fast chargers with CHAdeMO plugs increased worldwide by 30% year-over-year to 17,700. In Europe, the growth was even higher, 50% to 6,060.

To keep up with developments, the latest CHAdeMO protocol 1.2. enables charging at 200 kW. Version 2.0 shall then allow for high power charging at 400 kW as it increases the voltage to a 1,000 Volt. That is more than CCS 350 kW at 800 V. And CHAdeMO has another advantage for now, their chargers are ready for V2G, a feature CCS is missing.

The release of CHAdeMO 2.0 is scheduled for this half of 2018.,


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