Dyson is hiring 300 engineers for electric car project


Dyson is looking for another 300 engineers to work on the electric car that is expected by 2020. Plans include to establish a new research base in South West England. The decision on where to produce the Dyson EVs is yet to be taken.

Best known for its hoovers, Dyson has had long plans for an electric car. This strategy has recently been reinforced with the founder announcing he wanted to build three models, for a start. The first model is expected by 2020 and Dyson is now hiring 300 engineers.

They will join the 400 Dyson people already working on the project currently based in its Malmesbury headquarters in the Cotswolds. However, founder James Dyson told AFP they would move to its new research and development base in Hullavington in Wiltshire this May. The website shows a dedicated “automotive careers” tab.

The company is yet to decide where its electric cars will be manufactured once they have been designed. The UK is mentioned to be an opportunity, along with Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Dyson has earmarked one billion pounds (1.1bn euros) to invest into getting its electric car production up to speed. The first model planned will still utilise Li-ion batteries and with a production run of a couple of thousand units serves to build up and test the supply chain. The following EVs due after 2020 however, shall mark Dyson’s entry as a volume EV manufacturer and shall be powered by solid-state batteries.

In a telephone interview with AFP, Dyson said (half earnestly) “We will be taking orders. You can order one now, if you like.”

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