Proterra orders 57 fast chargers from Tritium


The Australian supplier Tritium has been tasked with delivering fast chargers for the US American electric bus manufacturer Proterra. All in all, the purchase order includes 57 units.

The Veefil-RT DC 50 kW fast chargers, which will be manufactured at Tritium’s US facility in Torrence, California, will be the first to be manufactured for use in the public transport sector at the recently opened sales and manufacturing facility.

Tritium, which was founded 15 years ago, specialises on the design and manufacture of fast chargers, power-electronic systems and battery energy-storage applications. It recently benefited from a 2.5 million Australian dollars investment by the Queensland government, as a part of a measure to encourage innovative businesses.

The Veefil chargers are said to be quite resilient and capable of operating under a variety of conditions, from -35°C up to +50°C, as well as being resistant to humidity and corrosion. They are also smaller and lighter than comparable chargers and shall have a smaller environmental footprint. (PDF)


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