ABB expands Wallbox portfolio to include 52 types


ABB is expanding its portfolio as the Swiss add a range of wallboxes for AC charging at homes and workplaces. The new range includes a total of 52 types and offers charging at 4.6 to 22 kW. It runs on the Open-Charge-Point-Protokoll (OCPP).

Measuring 50 by 25 cm2, the wallbox can be easily installed at homes or offices. ABB says it is “particularly suited to businesses that wish to provide overnight charging facilities for customers, such as those in the hospitality business.”

The wallbox comes with an all-weather enclosure so that it can be installed both indoor or outdoor. The charging stations are available in different versions, offering 4.6 and 11 kW AC charging as well as 22 kW AC 3-phase charging.

Compatible with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the ABB AC wallbox is future-proof and enabled for authentication and load balancing. ABB provides support with the installation of the charging solution.

Connector types include type 2 socket, type 2 socket with shutter and type 1 and type 2 cable. For locations where wall mounting is difficult, a range of pedestals are available including one charger, two chargers back to back or two chargers in a 90 degree angle. The ABB wallboxes are also available with or without energy meter, load balancing, back office integration and UMTS/3G modem.


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