Airborne charging support is ready for take-off


Meet the Volt Drone, a mobile battery that flies to the rescue of stranded EV drivers in need of a charge. The mobile charger does not carry more than 3 kWh, however, so while drivers can use it to get a little more mileage on their EV, the drone will not provide any major charge boosts. 

Think of it more like an emergency fix, but don’t rely on it in cases of acute and real range anxiety. The 3 kW is estimated to provide an extra 10-20 miles of range, depending on the vehicle and conditions, which may not be entirely enough to reach a proper charging station, but if a driver were to plan ahead, a slight miscalculation could be fixed. Otherwise one may have to order a fleet of the drones to get any real range.

It is also not clear how much of the energy would be burned on route to the stranded vehicle, which may also affect charging capacity. Whether the name has any association or issue with the Chevy Bolt is also not clear.


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