Wales invests 2 million pounds to extend charging network


The Welsh government has announced their plan to invest 2 million pounds into the expansion of a charging network for electric vehicles in their borders. Currently there are 439 public charging ports available in Wales to service the approximately 2,500 BEVs and PHEVs.

Over the past year, Wales recorded a sales growth of 35% for externally charging vehicles. That marks a significantly larger portion than the rest of the United Kingdom recorded, which was about 27%.

According to Ken Skates, a labour politician and cabinet secretary for Economy and Transport, the network expansion will focus on the main road network of the country. “This investment provides a healthy kick start in supporting the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles.” Currently the cabinet is working diligently with local authorities to realise the plan as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Update, October, 16, 2018: While the government has confirmed the plan, Wales is now looking for a business partner. Transport Secretary Skates confirmed he was aiming for a national concession model whereby a contractor would have the exclusive right to operate, maintain and expand the network. He envisaged the contract would be procured and overseen by Transport for Wales (TfW)., (update, operator)


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