Kymco presents electric scooter iONEX with battery concept


The Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco is presenting its new electric scooter iONIX at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. The concept not only includes an extra removable batteries, but also an internal, so-called core battery.

This core battery of the electric scooter is solid mounted and keeps the scooter going when its removable batteries are charging. A rider may carry up to three spare power packs, which can be charged externally, and in turn also charge the integrated battery.

The total range of the vehicle is up to 200 km. The concept also calls for a public charging network, as well as the possibility to rent the exchangeable battery packs. This idea is likely modelled on the Gogoro swapping stations which are very successful in Asia.

According to the head of Kymco, Allen Ko, the company is planning to release another ten electric models in the next few years. On top of that, the company plans to establish charging networks in 20 nations, as well as sell more than half a million models across the globe.

Update, October, 4 (NM): The first new model in line is a whole new business model. The Ionex Commercial is set to launch in Paris this October and is designed for fleet users. Kymco gives delivery services, and logistic operators as an example for use cases as the Ionex Commercial includes battery swapping services. Already the solution is in use at Hema Supermarket by Alibaba Group and Kymco says they will announce more partners for their electric scooter service in due time.,,


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