New electric scooters from Gogoro lighter and faster


Taiwan’s Gogoro launches two new all-electric scooters destined to hit their home market first. Both models feature the company’s signature battery swap so useful when in the sharing business such as with Bosch’s Coup.

The company from Taiwan is proving an ongoing success and counts clients like Bosch among their fans that use their electric scooters for their LEV sharing subsidiary Coup. The latter just expanded to Madrid, adding another 850 Gogoro scooters to their fleet in Europe.

Over in Taiwan though, the latest models rolling off the lines, the Gogoro 2 Delight and Gogoro S2, are said to deliver a range over 100 kilometres. The Gogoro 2 Delight features 6.4 kW while the Gogoro S2 comes 7.6 kW, thus making it the brand’s performance model. It is also Gogoro’s fastest with a top speed of 92 kph whilst the Delight is capped at 88 kph.

The range of 110 kilometres is the same for both models as they use Gogoro’s statdardised 1.3 kWh battery of which the firm says it can be swapped in less than six seconds. Gogoro’s business model includes so-called GoStations, where drivers can simply pull up to trade their empty batteries for freshly charged ones from a sort of battery vending machine. Payment is either on a plan, not unlike a phone top-up or else with unlimited access.

Gogoro has 596 battery swap stations across Taiwan, with a station every 1 km (0.6 miles) in Taipei at the moment. Also in Berlin, where Bosch initially installed the first Coup system, you can find Gogoro scooters. And, Coup has come to Paris as well reportedly. In Europe though, a team from Bosch handles all battery swapping so that those renting the electric scooters do not have to recharge.

Back home in Taiwan, Gogoro is poised for growth driven further by favourable legislation. The government in Taipei has ordered all two-wheelers to turn their wheels with zero emissions by 2035 (we reported). The measure is part of a bill that also wants to ban all sales of combustion engine vehicles by 2040.

The Gogoro S2 and Gogoro 2 Delight electric scooters are only available in Taiwan for the time being., (Gogoro 2 Delight), (Gogoro S2)


about „New electric scooters from Gogoro lighter and faster“
05.06.2018 um 11:49
There are not GoStations in Berlin as far as I know..
Nora Manthey
06.06.2018 um 11:19
Thank you, we have updated the article above. In Europe, Gogoro only delivers electric scooters indeed, while operators like Bosch decided to handle the batteries for their sharing system.
Keith Perron
16.12.2018 um 03:42
Actually 110km is being very optimistic. I have one and I can tell you it in no way reached that distance. Their service is is also very bad. It took nearly 6 weeks to fix something. In fact it ends up costing more than a petrol scooter, because even if you don't use it your still paying the monthly charge. Getting back to the battery twice I got stranded, because I ran out of battery and there was no swapping station.

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