Netherlands discussing 100 measures for cleaner air


The Dutch are discussing an extensive series of measures to improve air quality in Holland. The approx. 100 measures include investing in charging infrastructure for EVs as well as options to incentivise the driving of EVs, such as reduced parking fees.

Stientje van Veldhoven, the Dutch secretary for infrastructure wrote the plan in conjunction with province and communal leadership from across the country. The declared goal is to improve air quality in the nation.

The plan is not set in stone yet, and will be discussed and debated over the coming weeks. The next weeks also provide an option for the dutch public to provide feedback, as the costs are calculated.

The Dutch government is under pressure to improve the air: In January the country’s health council has demanded an ambitious plan to cut down on air pollution. The committee found that it would take until 2030 for the country to reach WHO standards, if it continues at the current pace. Even then, there would be a “blanket of smog”  covering the country, which would be the cause of serious health detriment.

The ecological organisation Milieudefensie had reportedly been targeting the government to put measures in motion to improve the air quality to “at least European standards”, by filing a series of court cases against it. The court ruled in favour of improving air quality.

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Mark @ Simon Air Quality
31.03.2018 um 13:55
Discussing to improve air quality is so important for peoples life . Thanks for it .

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