Utility Iberdrola to install 25,000 charging stations in Spain


The Spanish utility Iberdrola plans to install a total of 25,000 charge points across Spain until 2021. 16,000 of those will equip private homes with the remaining 9,000 enabling workplace charging on business premises.

The charging station rollout is part of Iberdrola’s Smart Mobility plan. Their solution includes the charging equipment, installation, operation via app, and naturally the electricity supply.

Iberdrola has designed a specific electricity plan for homes that incentivise charging at low-cost times at night, which will cut the cost for running an EV to 50 cents for every 100 kilometres, the utility estimates.

In another effort to install EV charging infrastructure, Iberdrola has teamed up with Avia to install fast-charging points at the latter’s gas stations. For the start, both companies will invest 1.35 million euros to build 27 charging stations.

iberdrola.com (home charging), iberdrola.com (Avia, in Spanish)


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