Apr 3, 2018 - 03:10 pm

Singulato Motors planning billion dollar investment in Suzhou


The Chinese e-mobility startup has announced to invest approximately 2.4 billion dollars over a 5 year period in the Chinese city Suzhou. Among the investments will be a manufacturing plant, as well as a research and development center.

Singulato Motors is the 2016 introduced, english language name of the manufacturer Zhiche Auto. The company has made an agreement with the city government of Suzhou which will include R&D, manufacturing and industrial investment in the electric mobility sector. Among other measures, the plan includes hiring 2,000 to 3,000 researchers over the next five years, who will be working on future mobility concepts.

The manufacturing facility in Suzhou will be Singulato’s second factory of its kind, after the first factory was constructed in 2016 in Tongling.

The company recently announced their intention to release 6 purely-electric vehicles on the market. The first to be released will be the Singulato iS6, an electric SUV which will be configured to seat 5 and 7 seats and will hit the market at the end of this year. The NEFZ range is set at 400 km, according to the manufacturer. The second vehicle to follow will be a multi-purpose vehicle, with which the company hopes to reach a younger market segment.

About a year ago, Singulato presented 2 concept EVs, alongside its renaming, which each featured wing-doors. In July, it was also announced that Singulato was considering working together with an alliance of other Chinese e-mobility startups, including WM Motor, CHJ Automotive, Hongxing Automobile Manufacturing and Aiways, to share resources and technology in lieu of the incoming Chinese EV quota.

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