Hawaii to electrify its transport with renewables


The three largest utilities of Haiwaii have released their strategic roadmap that shall lead to transport becoming electric and charged with renewable energy from 2045. The aim is to make the world’s most remote islands independent from fossil fuel imports.

The Hawaiian Electric Companies filed their ‘Electrification of Transportation Strategic Roadmap’ with the Public Utilities Commission. It foresees that most personal vehicles shall run on electricity generated by solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal and other renewable resources the islands have in abundance.

Hawaii already has the second highest rate of electric vehicle adoption in the USA. The plan drafted by Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawai‘i Electric Light, expects dozens of electric models to be introduced over the next decade. Add to this the actions of its utilities, public agencies and private industry, Hawaii is well positioned to make the transition to clean transport even sooner than by 2045.

Says Brennon Morioka, Hawaiian Electric’s general manager of electrification of transportation: “This is a global movement that is transforming the way that individuals, families and businesses use vehicles and we have to be ready. This roadmap lays out the steps for meeting the changing needs of our customers and communities and adapting to the new technologies we know are coming.”

In the next few years, the plan says, charging cars, trucks, buses and heavy equipment is expected to enable nearly 200,000 additional solar systems on private houses and many grid- scale renewable projects will become an economically and ecologically viable option while offering low-cost energy to every customer of the three utilities.

In the larger picture, Hawaii wants to become energy independent and cut all imports of fossil fuel by 2045 latest. The draft outlines that replacing fossil fuels with electricity for passenger transport could save Hawaiian Electric customers alone 60 million dollars over the next 27 years, whether or not they drive an electric vehicle.

hawaiianelectric.com (the roadmap) via hawaii247.com


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