Partisan Motors presents electric SUV made for Putin

You can try to enter a market longterm or go in there with a bang, which is what Partisan Motors is trying to do. Their first electric SUV is called Partisan One and has been designed with a pretty particular client in mind – Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Apart from wanting to take the Kremlin, the electric SUV is also boxy, that is entirely square and looks a bit like a tank, or maybe a Papamobil for very tough times.

On the technical side, there are four electric hub motors, one in each wheel. The company also promotes the fact that there is the option of mounting ballistic armour, and space underneath for fitting a hull for protecting against explosions, much like those plates Tesla used to fit – to protect their batteries though.

Partisan Motors further asserts that “even with armour in place, the Kremlin has supercar levels of acceleration,” but fails to list any technical specs. No word from the Russian president has been heard so far.


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