German government spends €20 mil for 2,000 EVs


The German minister for transport Andreas Scheuer has handed over the first four grants for the acquisition of 2,000 new EVs and the required charging infrastructure as a part of the Clean Air 2017-2020 program.

The first recipients were the company Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement, the German Post, the police central in Lower Saxony and the Freiburg Transport Authority.

The BMVI (German ministry for transport and infrastructure) will be taking part in the initiative with around 20 million euros for the procurement of the vehicles. To be exact, the contract compromises 1,500 StreetScooter, 200 utility vehicles and 250 electric passenger vehicles, as well as the corresponding charging infrastructure, which entails more than 1,500 charging stations.

The program to support the development of e-mobility has been successful so far, as more than 400 orders have been placed so far, according to Scheuer. The first four grants alone will put about 2,000 new EVs on the streets, which will help with the goal to avoid driving bans and provide a smoother transition to renewable energy based transportation.

The application process for grants is open to communities to expand their vehicle fleets, public transport providers, taxi companies, car-sharing providers as well as companies such as delivery services or health care services, provided they are officially part of a communal mobility concept.


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