Apr 11, 2018 - 03:01 pm

Submerged Tesla with some garnish


A stolen Tesla Model S was found partially submerged in a river in British Columbia. A suspicious load was also discovered in the vehicle, and it remains unclear if there is a deeper meaning to it.

When the police recovered the electric car, which had been stolen just the night before, from the Fraser River in the morning, a mysterious sack floated out. The paddler that had found the Tesla in the first place, went after the bulky form just to find that it was a large bag of onions.

While a rumour had been floated on the internet shortly after, suggesting  that this is related to an April fools joke by the satirical magazine The Onion, this is not true.

Electrek’s guess seems much more likely, in which case the thieves had used the onion bag to hold the accelerator paddle down so that they could launch the Tesla into the river. Ludicrous mode, clearly.

electrek.co, langleytimes.com


Found on electrive.com
11.04.2018 15:25