Mitsubishi creates Hyper Energy Station in Japan


Mitsubishi is setting up a charging network at its dealerships in Japan, which will not only receive renewable energy via solar panels, but will also stabilize and support the local electrical grid – even in the case of a natural disaster or power shortages.

28 Mitsubishi dealers have already been fitted with solar power modules and have the capacity to charge batteries and receive power over a vehicle-to-building charging system in cases of emergency.

The new so-called Hyper Energy Station by Omiya went into operation this week in Saitama City and was also supplied with its own batteries to support the local electrical grid. By 2020 a total of 200 dealerships are planned to have integrated the V2G energy solution.


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about „Mitsubishi creates Hyper Energy Station in Japan“
Bill Branham
27.01.2019 um 12:26
21st Century Energy purchased an Outlander & introduced the concept to Albany Mitsubishi!

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