Electric aircraft startup Wright Electric teams up with Jetex


US American Wright Electric has found a new partner for its dream of electric short haul flights. Dubai’s Jetex entered a partnership agreement that will see the two companies collaborate on producing the first electric aircraft for the MENA region.

Wright Electric has entered the public radar the first time in March 2017 when it aired its concept of an electric plane capable of carrying 150 passengers on journeys shorter than 500 kilometres. The idea echoed first with EasyJet who plans to launch such an electric aircraft within the next ten years reportedly.

The same can now be said for Jetex, a flight support company from Dubai. The proposed design they are working on with Wright Electric aims for a range of 540 km or 333 miles, which would enable passengers to fly from Dubai to Muscat or Malaga to Casablanca on a single charge.

At the same time, Jetex wants to use its status as fixed-base operator (FBO) to install charging infrastructure for such a plane at up to 30 airports in Europe, the States, and throughout their network.

Wright Electric wants to build its electric airplanes with swappable batteries and has warmly welcomed Jetex on board. Nothing has been said about finances or further details of the cooperation.

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