Open Charge Alliance launches latest protocol


The latest version of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is now available to charging stations manufacturers and operators. Version OCPP 2.0, includes new features regarding security, smart charging and improved transaction handling for large networks.

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is written and released through the Open Charge Alliance (OCA), an international non-profit advancing open standards for EV charging infrastructure. The ultimate aim is interoperability.

Now the latest version, OCPP 2.0 has added secure firmware updates, security logging and event notification and security profiles for authentication (key management for client-side certificates) and secure communication (TLS).
To relieve the pressure on the grid, OCPP 2.0 has also added Smart Charging functionalities: for topologies with an Energy Management System (EMS), a local controller and for integrated smart charging of the EV, charging station and Charging Station Management System.

During the development and review period of the draft version of OCPP 2.0, the OCA consulted more than 100 members from 27 countries as well as the OCPP user community to gather feedback and user experiences in a public review.

Charging station operators who manage whole networks, welcomed the improved transaction handling. OCPP 2.0 also contains new configurations to monitor a charging station and offers the option to support plug and charge for electric vehicles supporting the ISO 15118 protocol. (protocol),


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